Did You Know…? Gladiator Polo™ Terminology

Mar 27, 2019 - 4:07 PM

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Gladiator Polo™ is BACK! Do you need to brush up on your polo terms? Read below to get caught up on all the basic info you need!

At The Barn

Did you know…

  • Polo ponies eat three meals a day just like us!
  • They also have an afternoon “snack” of hay. (And if they’re really good they get treats like carrots, peppermints, and special pony cookies!)



Did you know…

  • The rider has to brush the pony’s fur every day to keep it shiny and healthy? And they have to get baths after working out too!
  • Polo ponies also wear wraps that cover their lower legs called polos. These protect their legs from getting hit by the ball, mallet, or even their own feet!
  • As part of their uniform, the pony’s tail is wrapped up with colored tape in order to keep it from getting caught in the player’s mallets.
  • Did you know that all polo ponies have to get their mane shaved? Because the player’s don’t want to get the reins caught in the long hair as they play. The official term is called “roaching.”

Workout Routine


Did you know…

  • Polo ponies workout several times a day!
  • They do a 45 minute morning “set” which is when the rider is on one horse’s back and leads another 2-3 horses alongside. Although they just walk, this keeps the ponies in shape and relaxed.
  • Each pony will also be ridden individually by a rider for up to 1 hour per day to practice turning, stopping quickly, and other athletic movements needed to play competitive polo.
  • “Stick ‘n Ball” is the term used for when players practice swinging the mallet and hitting the ball while riding the polo pony in a field or small arena.

In the Gladiator Arena


Did you know…

  • Polo ponies are not afraid of cheering and loud noises unlike some horses.
  • The players will yell and call to one another while they are playing similar to hockey or football players.
  • Each pony only plays for 1 or 2 periods of the game because they get tired quickly from galloping across the arena.
  • Every player has 5-6 ponies for each match.

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